6 Painful Points And How We Solve Them!

With over 35 years experience in accounting and accounting system, Blue Canyon CPA knows well the accounting and tax pain points that certain industries may face. It is important to note that specific pain points may vary depending on the size, location, and nature of the business.  Please contact one of us at Blue Canyon CPA so we can gather feedback from your firm in order to better understand your unique needs.

Here are some common accounting pain points for certain industries that we have found:

  1. Construction: Managing cash flow, tracking expenses for multiple projects, and dealing with complex tax laws and regulations.
  2. Healthcare: Managing insurance billing and reimbursement, maintaining HIPAA compliance, and navigating the complexities of healthcare accounting.
  3. E-commerce: Managing sales tax for multiple states, tracking inventory across multiple platforms, and managing payment processing fees.
  4. Manufacturing: Managing inventory and supply chain costs, tracking job costing and labor expenses, and dealing with the complexities of international trade and taxes.
  5. Real Estate: Managing property accounting, tracking rental income and expenses, and dealing with complex tax regulations.
  6. Technology: Managing complex revenue recognition, tracking expenses for research and development, and dealing with international tax regulations.

We have over 30 years experience working with Global 500 firms to small family business and startups  on fixing these pain points and tailoring a solution that address their specific needs.

Please contact us for more details on how you can complete your own digital transformation and see productivity gains of up to 10 times.

What would you do with the time and money savings of reducing some work loads by up to 90%

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