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Empowering Financial Growth: Transparent Pricing Plans for Your Medical Practice’s Success”

Business Services for Medical Professionals with Annual Revenue of $350K and Above.
Personal Income Tax Filing for Healthcare Practitioners Earning Over $100K. Reach Out to Us Today, and Our Expert Team Will Be Delighted to Assist You on Your Financial Journey.

Corporate Tax Returns
Starting at $1200
End of year filing
Specialized Tax Expertise for Medical ProfessionalsSpecialized Tax Expertise for Medical Professionals
Maximizing Deductions for Medical PracticesMaximizing Deductions for Medical Practices
Stress-Free Tax Filing ProcessStress-Free Tax Filing Process
Year-Round Tax PlanningYear-Round Tax Planning
Audit Support for Medical PracticesAudit Support for Medical Practices
Personalized Solutions for Medical PracticesPersonalized Solutions for Medical Practices
Time and Cost SavingsTime and Cost Savings
Proactive Tax StrategiesProactive Tax Strategies
Confidentiality and SecurityConfidentiality and Security
Trusted Partners in Your SuccessTrusted Partners in Your Success
CRA Compliance AssuranceCRA Compliance Assurance
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Bookkeeping Services
Starting at $500
/Per Month
Expert Bookkeeping for Healthcare PracticesExpert Bookkeeping for Healthcare Practices
Time and Cost SavingsTime and Cost Savings
Seamless Integration with Medical SoftwareSeamless Integration with Medical Software
Accurate Revenue TrackingAccurate Revenue Tracking
Expense ManagementExpense Management
Tax-Ready Financial RecordsTax-Ready Financial Records
Financial Insights for Informed Decision-MakingFinancial Insights for Informed Decision-Making
Receivables and Payables ManagementReceivables and Payables Management
Streamlined Payroll ServicesStreamlined Payroll Services
Confidentiality and SecurityConfidentiality and Security
Personalized SupportPersonalized Support
Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory Compliance
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Personal Tax returns
Starting at $250
End of year filing
Expert Personal Tax GuidanceExpert Personal Tax Guidance
Maximizing Personal Tax DeductionsMaximizing Personal Tax Deductions
Incorporation StrategiesIncorporation Strategies
Tax-Efficient Income SplittingTax-Efficient Income Splitting
Proactive Tax PlanningProactive Tax Planning
Capital Gains and InvestmentsCapital Gains and Investments
Handling Tax CreditsHandling Tax Credits
Reporting Foreign IncomeReporting Foreign Income
Tax Deadline ManagementTax Deadline Management
Personalized ServicePersonalized Service
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Navigating the Financial Pulse of Canadian Healthcare:
Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

In an era defined by innovation and transformation, the healthcare industry in Canada has seen remarkable advancements, both in medical practices and administrative operations. As healthcare professionals and firms, such as Blue Canyon CPA, continually adapt to evolving regulations and patient needs, the demand for specialized financial and accounting expertise has never been greater.
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our team specializes in managing the financial intricacies of your practice or firm, allowing you to focus on patient care. From daily bookkeeping to financial reporting, we ensure your financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

Tax Planning and Compliance

We understand the complex tax landscape in Canada and are well-versed in the specific tax regulations that affect healthcare professionals. Our tax planning services help you minimize tax liabilities while remaining fully compliant with all applicable laws.

Payroll & HR Services

Our tailored Payroll and HR Services are designed to streamline your payroll and human resources operations, ensuring that your dedicated staff is compensated accurately and your medical practice remains fully compliant with labor laws and regulations. With seamless Wagepoint integration, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet the unique payroll and HR needs of healthcare professionals.

Consulting & Advisory

With a specialized focus on the healthcare sector, we offer invaluable insights into cost management, revenue enhancement, and the development of sound financial strategies. We understand that medical professionals face distinct financial considerations, and our expertise allows us to tailor our guidance to your specific needs.