Find Your Path

Find Your Path

After working for some 30 plus years across the Continent, we definitely know the paths various businesses and their owners take.
From starting up to growing, to marturing to transforming or transitioning, we definitely can help you make your journey easier and less stressful. We have the expertise, systems and experience to help you not only make better decisions but also better processes, better people and better performance. Just contact us on how we can help you.


Package One

Emerging and Growing companies have a set of challenges that are different from companies that have been established for a long period of time. If you are having the following issues, this is the package for you. .

  • Having cash flow issues or lack of working capital to finance growth.
  • challenges in building a team virtually or internally.
  • Unclear direction on how to win in the industry.
  • Weak or non existent growth and business development strategies.
  • Experience excess stress or working excessive hours.
  • Processes are manually intensive or not easy to perform.

These are companies that are either underperforming or facing significant market competition or changes that are overwelling the owners and the staff. .

  • Low profit and owners compensation.
  • Inadequate revenue or rapidly deteriorating gross margins on products or services.
  • Deteriorating morale and high tunnover in the team..
  • Heavy Stress/ Burnout / Sense of being overwhelmed.
  • Loss of business to competiton or poor execution of business strategies.
  • Lack of visibility to firm performance or declining cash flows and working capital.

Package Three

These are companies that doing fairly well but the owners would like to take the company up a leavel in terms of performance, capacity or agility. These are the companies that need to systematize their business or need to prepare for a transition to the next generation of family or professional management.

  • Processes are stable but not efficient or have single points of failure (i.e. person, technology)
  • The time management of employees is required to help reduce their stress and improve their sense of control.
  • The firm wants to leverage the power of new technology for either new revenue streams or for improved cost, quality and cycle time performance.
  • The management team needs advice on how to win and the correlation between their actions with firm performance. Excepteur sint.
  • The owners would like the employees to have a stake in the game so everyone is collaborating for the best of the company.
  • Owners want to be able to move from working in the business to working ON the business for personal or professional development.