Ordower Law Working Together With Blue Canyon

Ordower Law has been working with Gerry Anderson and his team at Blue Canyon for many years. We regularly provide legal services to Blue Canyon’s clients, and vice-versa.

Our legal partner at Ordower Law has compiled a comprehensive guide on INCORPORATION that includes a wealth of information.  You can access these resources at this link: INCORPORATION- EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Ordower Law is happy to assist with:

  • Ontario Corporations: Tailored solutions for businesses in Ontario.
  • Federal Corporations: Comprehensive services for federal business entities.
  • Professional Corporations: Specialized support for professional entities.
  • Corporate Reorganizations: Strategic guidance for corporate restructuring.
  • Annual Compliance: Stay on top of regulatory requirements effortlessly.
  • And more: Explore a diverse range of services designed to elevate your business strategy.

Why Choose Ordower Law?

Embarking on the journey of business incorporation is a crucial step, and choosing the right legal partner is paramount. Introducing Ordower Law, our esteemed partner and a trusted authority in providing top-notch incorporation services. As a proud collaborator with Blue Canyon CPA, Ordower Law brings a wealth of expertise to the table, making them the ideal choice for businesses seeking seamless and comprehensive incorporation solutions.

Ordower Law stands out for its commitment to excellence in crafting and managing essential legal documents, such as Articles & Certificate of Incorporation, Corporate By-Laws & Resolutions, Share Subscription & Share Certificates, and Registers & Ledgers. Their Electronic Minute Book service ensures that your company’s foundational documents are not only meticulously prepared but also kept up-to-date with precision and compliance.

Teaming up with Blue Canyon CPA, Ordower Law offers a unique and integrated approach to incorporation services. This partnership ensures a seamless connection between legal and financial aspects, providing clients with a comprehensive solution that addresses both legal compliance and financial strategy.

Navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements can be a daunting task, but with Ordower Law and Blue Canyon CPA, you can trust that Form 1 & Form 2 Initial Returns are prepared and submitted accurately and on time. Government Filing Fees are handled seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your business while leaving the administrative burden to the experts.

One of the standout features of this partnership is the transparent management of third-party fees and disbursements, providing clients with a clear understanding of the costs associated with incorporation services. Additionally, Ordower Law, in collaboration with Blue Canyon CPA, offers Corporate Name Searches (Pre-Nuans & Nuans), ensuring that your chosen business name aligns with legal requirements and minimizing the risk of conflicts.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficiency and convenience are paramount. Ordower Law and Blue Canyon CPA understand this well and offer Electronic Signing through Docusign, allowing clients to securely and conveniently execute important legal and financial documents online. This commitment to modern and streamlined processes not only enhances the speed of transactions but also aligns with eco-friendly and paperless practices.

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Choose Ordower Law as your partner in incorporation services, and benefit from a collaborative approach that combines legal and financial expertise. With the added advantage of being a partner of Blue Canyon CPA, Ordower Law offers a unique and integrated solution to help your business thrive in a well-structured and compliant corporate environment.