Blue Canyon is a unique CPA firm.  Not only do we provide the traditional year end, tax and compliance work.  We also provide proven solutions for the issues you face as you are in your marketplace.  turbulent waters of company growth while managing people, money, markets, and processes. Our science of better is designed exclusively to meet the needs of mid-sized companies, small companies, and family businesses. Learn more about our distinctive, proven approach, custom consulting solutions

Our services are as deep as a canyon, our ability to provide clarity is as clear as a blue sky.

Year-end Engagements

Blue Canyon understands the need for some businesses require financial statements to be prepared to meet requirements for external parties like investors and shareholders.  We have the staff with the expertise to create the right notice to reader statements  to help you communicate your success or help you land that financing to grow your business

Tax filing (income tax, HST, payroll,)

Blue Canyon is a full service accounting firm that can provide a wide variety of tax services including corporate tax services and owner manged personal tax services. CRA requires all resident corporations to file returns.  We can ensure you file to keep compliant with the CRA. Let us become your corporate tax accountant or provide corporate tax services so you don’t have to worry about your taxes.

Tax Planning

Blue Canyon prides itself in developing tax saving strategies for the small and mid market firms.  Most owners do not understand the tax saving steps they can follow to help reduce the taxes they need to remit to the CRA

CPA Accounting  and Tax Services

we offer various accounting services including tax filings, year end reporting, boo

Advisory Services

Our Fractional CFO services are unique and specialized. We know how to ensure you get the full power of a CFO at a price point you can afford for your small or mid sized business.

Outsourced Accounting and Record Keeping

Our passion is creating world class bookkeeping and accounting services at a price that small business can afford.


We have extensive experience setting up and security a wide variety of credit and finance facilities to help with their growth or to help stabilize their cash flow and financial situation.  We know how to talk banker and investor.

Analytics & Decision Support

Using our assessment tools, we can create a decision-making framework that aims to optimize a company’s return on its data assets.

Plans and Execution of Plans –
Tactical, Operational or Strategic

We are definitely the experts in setting up Financial Plans.  However, we also have the expertise in setting up plans from tactical and financial to operational and strategic.  Our team of experts have the tools and abilities to ensure you and your firm have a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.